Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it my overwhelming love of superheroes?

As I mentioned in my first post, most subsequent postings will be few and far between, but I just had to show SOMEBODY my recent acquisition…’cos it’s got me positively beaming!

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a bit of a slave to 1/72-ish miniatures, heck, I’ve loved them since I was a kid! I’ve also been in love with superheroes, being a comic book geek since…since…well, since comic books sold for less then a dollar!

 Avengers135_01 49a0d0f1d4a2e60675f1060d7d3d62ee Iron-Man-100-00c X-Men-V1-112

The thought of combining the two loves has been on my mind since I discovered gaming, and the early superhero miniatures were a bit chunky, but almost compatible…sadly, just not enough for my discerning eye.


Some chunky fellas (and gal) produced by the now defunct Soldiers & Swords in the 1980-90’s

As much as I love lead, I’m really gaga over plastic, so when Heroclix came on the scene, I did force myself to have a peek. As cool as they are, I couldn’t see changing my scale preference, or jumping into collecting where you’ve got to blindly purchase the minis.

Then Zerboz (or Heroics, as they were initially called), reared their beautiful plastic heads…


Some Series One Supers…

…and they were darn close to 1/72. Hallelujah!

So I trawled my way through E-Bay until I found a good source for purchasing the lot – both series one and two…and then the company quit making them, totally squashing my hopes of obtaining my  most favorite supers.

UNTIL…a blogger by the name of  Bunkermeister spilled the beans that the out-of-production Marvel Battle Dice were roughly (depending on the figure) 1/72 scale as well!

I was back in business.

So, trawling E-Bay once more, I came across two amazing lot deals and, Viola! 

A mix of my Zerboz and Marvel Battle Dice jackpot! (Pardon my conversion notes)

A mix of my Zerboz and Marvel Battle Dice jackpot! (Pardon my conversion notes)

And despite the fact that most are Marvel Comics characters, they are doozies!

(Check out the Caesar mini thrown in there for size comparison)

(Check out the Caesar mini thrown in there for size comparison)



Woot! yet again...

Woot! yet again…

Now I’ve about a hundred or so figures to re-base, re-paint, and convert where necessary. It’s all a bit exciting in 172Fixer’s world at the moment. Last year I started building an appropriate city for Zombie infestation. Now it looks like it may be the sight of a few super-villain incursions…only time will tell, right?

6 thoughts on “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it my overwhelming love of superheroes?

  1. I have always been more of a Marvel fan over DC so it looks to me like you have done okay with that lot. I picked up a Captain America Heroclix model (which is 30mm ish) and rebased it for my games.

      • I reckon it’s roughly 25mm, though 1 inch to 6 feet seem’s a decent ratio. If I were talking heroic figures, I’d probably go just a bit bigger. The Marvel Battle Dice figures are all over the place in measurement accuracy, but the Zerboz, even though a bit larger, are pretty consistent.
        Now that you’ve got my attention, would you consider sculpting some heroes in that scale? 🙂 No one is doing it at the moment and I reckon you’ve got what it takes to do a fantastic job.

      • I could but not for now, I have six miniatures in progress, and one is a very very big boy.
        I think I will be busy until the end of winter and winter is very long in Canada 🙂
        But later why not, I wanted to do more realistic anatomies so that’s ok.

        By the way, do you know these guys,, they have DC and marvel 35 mm models. I know it’s a little bigger than you’re looking for but their models look vey nice.

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