Has anyone else done this?


I’ll probably start a good many posts with the following five words:

This may sound crazy, but…

… Yesterday I was faced with disposing of an old digital camera. I was inches from the trash bin when it hit me; I bet there’s some decent plastic hiding inside this thing!

Screwdriver in hand, I quickly disassembled the deceased camera and to my surprise, was left with this:



…Some of it trash, but to my delight, some of it (again, at least to me) treasure:



Digging out a Halo Micro-Ops figure for reference, I set about letting my imagination swirl with terrain possibilities…

Decent Cover...

A bit of wreckage?

To gain some inspiration of what can truly be accomplished from gathering, gluing and painting the odd collection of plastic bits & bobs, check out Will’s post at :

The Grinning Skull

The end results are stunning!

Has anyone else found an unlikely terrain piece in what appears to be an ordinary household item?

(Don’t get me started on what’s inside those discarded canisters of dental floss!)

5 thoughts on “Has anyone else done this?

  1. Wonderful idea! I love the recycling aspect of our hobby. With the electronics you could fit out a tron style gaming board.
    I am a big fan of japanese store toothpicks, because they have some nice detaling on one end. Not sure if that qualifies, however.

    • Old guitar strings clipped for vehicle antenna or spear, the stripped back inside of a cardboard box making a great corrugated shanty roof – heck, even the inside of a broken camera…or a Japanese toothpick; in this hobby I gladly find the ends justify the means! 🙂

  2. Digital watch bits- they make good vid screens and I’ve used part of one to make a base for a 28mm hasslefree figure before. I’ve a bad habit of keeping piles of this sort of stuff – I’ve even seen a set of barricades made of old electronics components clipped off circuit boards.

    • I’ve actually had to buy a (good sized) plastic tub to accommodate my ever-growing legion of household bits!
      Just doing my part: recycle,recycle,recycle! 🙂

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